Installation, restoration & refinishing hardwood floors is all we do! We are specialists when it comes to solid wood (unfinished and pre-finished), engineered wood and laminate flooring.

The person quoting your floors will also be working on your floors

This is a great benefit for several reasons. You are able to meet the owner of the company and his staff who will be working in your home and caring for your floors and you will recognize their commitment to excellence immediately. It avoids any misunderstandings that could come up if you are dealing with an estimator and then a separate employee on the actual job.

Finally, how often to you get the owner of a company to be working on your home? It is his company and his reputation: he is going to make sure that the work is done so that the result is beautiful.

We give exact and fully itemized pricing that will not change

When you get a written estimate from us, everything will be itemized so that you can decide on the options that you want. That is the price you’ll pay. Even if we make a mistake and have to absorb the extra cost, you won’t hear about it... we promise. The only exception to this is when you decide you’d like to add additional work that’s not included in the original estimate. In these situations, we’ll re-issue an estimate and commence work once you’re happy with the additional price.

High quality long lasting finishes

What’s the use of spending all that time and money having your floors refinished if they’re only going to last a few years? Cheap, low quality finish will wear out very quickly with average traffic. We have tested many types of finishing solutions and we only offer the ones we know will continue to look good years down the road and stand up to high traffic.

We make sure your home doesn't end up in a cloud of dust!

The amount of dust being created is probably one of the biggest fears most of our customers have regarding their floors. It’s a problem that has plagued this industry for decades and stories about homeowners still cleaning dust up weeks after they had their floors sanded are plentiful.

Thankfully it doesn’t have to be like that anymore

In the past few years, great advancements have been made in the dust containment field. At TDI Hardwood Floors, testing out all of this new dustless equipment became somewhat of a hobby for us. And our clients have reaped the rewards of our research.