Hardwood Floor is perhaps the most practical of all flooring materials. But over time, the protective finish may wear off, most noticeably in heavy traffic areas. Applying a modern new finish can even make hardwood floors much easier to maintain than when they were originally installed. Another good reason to refinish your wooden floor is to freshen up the finish of a wood floor that's dulled from being hidden under carpet for years.

Floor Sanding ImageUsing the latest techniques, its is possible to easily and efficiently clean and restore wooden floors in a cost-effective way. We can turn your old, worn and abrasive wooden floors into stylish wooden floors that look amazing.

We’ll help you consider all the options so you make the best possible choice. We’ll plan the refinishing process so that it results in long lasting beauty and durability for your floors with as minimal disturbance to your life as possible.

The refinishing process starts with the sanding process. We use a true dustless-sanding process that eliminates up to 99% of the dust and airborne allergens.

Floor Sanding Image

Unless you have experience in this area it is not advisable to take on a project of this magnitude by yourself. TDI Hardwood Flooring undertakes any refinishing and restoration projects of all types of hardwood floors and provides floor sanding service to Vancouver Island and Vancouver area. Whether your project is a family residence or a commercial space , TDI Hardwood Flooring will not only do the job right and create the ideal floor for your needs , we also provide exceptional service from start to finish.